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Breaking out from his drumming shackles and arming himself with an acoustic guitar, Bedford musician Luke Tuchscherer, better known as one third of The Whybirds, has put together his own side project and ‘You Get So Alone At Times It Makes Sense’ is his new alternative country record. 12 tracks and 45 minutes long, what we have here is a snapshot of Tuchscherer’s life, who regales for us the trials and tribulations he’s faced during his time on Earth, along with a bass drum beat you can’t help but tap your foot along to.

Though cheerful on the surface, Luke’s poetry has a darker shade to it as he describes being arrested, being alone and being a “bad, bad man”, his sincerity oozes through his lusciously rough voice.

Weaving through the storytelling is an acoustic guitar reminiscent of Steve Earl or Robert Plant’s Band Of Joy, it sparks that emotion in the listener as if you were just about to set off on a journey, full of hope and full of optimism. And that’s a good way to describe the album really, Luke’s optimism shines through his weary experiences with an up-beat tempo and a snide smile at the world.

Though country music has never really been my taste, I have to say there were moments I really enjoyed. First track;’ (Lord Knows) I’m a Bad Man’ is a highlight and sounds like something from the ‘Django Unchained’ soundtrack. It has that traditional country guitar added with a flair of old school rock ’n’ roll, while the lyrics are a relatable slur of teenage mistakes we’ve all made. Having said that, there are still several cliches that stick out like a wobbly tooth. Track 2; ‘When The Day Is Done’ and track 10; ‘Two Ships (Caroline Please) are painfully cheery and sickly sweet. They have that ‘American Country’ sound stamped all over them with but maybe too much Americana.

However, the more tender moments of ‘Hold On’, ‘I Don’t Need You To Tell Me’ and ‘To Make It Worse) I’m Falling For You’ have an added string section that sends a shiver down your spine. Plus, the profound feminist lyrics of ‘Women’ really prove that Luke is worthy of being a songwriter, and not just a face in the background.

Track 4; ‘One Of Us’ is a heartbreaking tale, whether true or not, conjures imagery of the hardships of life and loss, with Luke admitting; ‘I’ve been lonely for a long, long time, I’ve been lonely for most of my life’, something most audience members can agree with. It’s like a box of memories exploding everywhere, from the description of the teacher who ‘don’t give a damn’ to skipping school in the park and being referred to as a ‘gang’, it’s soothing most people can apply to their own lives and something most people can put their own recollections to, which is a powerful thing in music.


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